The Future Grid Coalition exists to promote effective policies and rules in the regulatory sphere around new distributed energy technologies. We are first focusing on metered energy efficiency. We will serve as the locus of  regulatory interest and attention to ensure that metered energy efficiency moves from being a talked-about idea to an implemented one.


We are looking to bring together market actors who already want metered energy efficiency to happen – to give voice to their positions and play an intermediary role, working with regulators to create a market. As PG&E noted in its January 2017 Energy Efficiency Business Plan filing:

“The ability to measure energy savings at the meter presents an opportunity to re-think traditional program designs and implementation, and to adopt innovative third-party approaches, using “performance-based incentives,” and new transaction structures to spur further customer and capital market investment.”  

Long-term goals:
  • Efficiency as a procurable distributed energy resource based on metered savings and pay-for-performance

  • More private-sector financing of energy efficiency improvements in existing building stock


We have been speaking with various members of the metered energy efficiency ecosystem, from software companies to real estate investors, to solar companies to non-profits to government labs. Our goal is to pull together a cohesive view of concrete measures that regulators can take that can make metered energy efficiency prosper – a view that we can work with regulators to put into practice.

Please let us know if you are interested in participating.

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